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Sew Cool and Crafty

It’s Sew Empowering

About My Haberdashery

Sew Cool and Crafty is a haberdashery specialising in silky cotton lawns and gorgeous stretch fabrics. We also offer sewing items and other related accessories. You can also learn how to sew cushions, curtains, bags and make lovely clothes through our workshops and classes.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to enable people to sew in a social setting here in Birmingham, West Midlands the UK, have a great time and spread the joy.


Hi! I’m Lynette Cockburn, owner and founder of Sew Cool and Crafty. My love for fabrics began during the early years of my childhood, as influenced by my Gran. She was a seamstress ever since her teens. Whenever I visited her home, I would smell freshly baked pastries and clean, crisp cotton.

Her living room was filled with materials and clothes. I was surrounded by colourful reels of Sylko and various garments with lace. Gran also had boxes that contained fifty years’ worth of button fashions. Her extensive collection of patterns and designs could have kept Etsy going for at least a decade!

Gran and I shopped for fabrics together. She created summer dresses and three-tier skirts with matching headscarves for me during the long summers of the 1970s.

Pursuing My Passion and Talent

Gradually, I developed my skills and honed my talent for sewing. I started out sewing little rabbits and purses and transitioned into making circle skirts and leggings. When I had kids of my own, I began sewing nightshirts, little curtains, cot duvet covers, tiny dungarees and fleece coats.

Sewing was something that I absolutely loved to do! My late husband told me to follow my dreams and be myself. He encouraged me to pursue sewing and make it my career.

Establishing My Business

Sew Cool and Crafty was established in January 2016. Building my business from the ground up, going back to college and making new friends has kept me going through the years. Shopping for fabrics and sharing my products with my customers never failed to make me smile.